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Our organisation formed after the initial experience of Melissa Morgan (and many others) and the relief she experienced in relation to her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms after being introduced to, and trying Colostrum based supplements.

Having witnessed Melissa’s results, and becoming aware of many others who were also getting great improvement across a wide range of health issues, it became apparent that there was something very special about this type of supplement.

Given Melissa’s experience was a result of luck in finding out about Colostrum, a group of friends realised we could do a lot of good for people by raising community awareness of Colostrum and PRP’s in general.

Better still we could do it in a manner that was going to allow people affected by serious ill health, to get involved in this project and help them generate much needed income. Chronic health problems come with the burden of increased expenses and a reduced capacity to work.


“We hope to be able to help people improve this situation in a meaningful way. Your decision to purchase supplements from this site is helping to”.

The book quoted at the top of this page is available from our store. It is essential reading for anyone living with serious illness, or interested in maintaining the best of health for as long as possible. Another snippet from this excellent reference source.


“Taking colostrum as a nutritional supplement helps maintain your health, particularly your gut health, which is critical to your overall health. Whole colostrum includes PRPs as well as a number of other immune factors, such as immuno-globulins, lactoferrin, and others, so you will receive significant immune benefits from taking whole colostrum. However, when you experience an infectious illness, such as a cold or flu, or if you experience and autoimmune condition, which indicates an overactive active immune system which is attacking your own cells, then you need something stronger. PRPs are now available in a concentrated spray form that delivers maximum amounts of the immunomodulatory peptides to help modulate your immune system.”

Peptide Immunotherapy; Colostrum A Physician’s Reference Guide by Andrew M Keech, PhD