Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum: A Physicians Reference Guide

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 COLOSTRUM PEPTIDES – the next big thing!

For thousands of years raw colostrum has been consumed to help with all sorts of health challenges. In recent years with the use of modern manufacturing techniques, the benefits of consuming raw colostrum have been preserved in powdered colostrum. In the last 10 years more advanced fractionation technologies have allowed large-scale production of liquid colostrum supplements . Now we are observing a revival in the use of colostrum liquids and powders.

Colostrum peptides, more commonly known as Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) are isolated in these liquid colostrum products . Peptide immunotherapy is the scientific classification of how these PRPs modulate or balance the human immune system . Constantly balancing and re-teaching the human immune system how to function through passive transfer is the information key to health in all mammals, including humans. So when our immune system faces daily help challenges, we are equipped and ready to defend ourselves down to the molecular levels... thanks to Colostrum Peptides...

 “Dr Andrew Keech is to be highly praised for detailing in this little understood “almost magical” material that has been a lifesaver for various human societies over the millennia. Dr Keech’s  very readable book unfolds a fascinating story of why that has occurred in the past and why, with this new compendium of information,  it will be even more so in the future!”

 - William A. TILLER, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University


“ It is a great work and scientifically remarkable! The book is useful for experts and also provides useful data for everyday people, especially if they want to increase their familiarity with colostrum. Nowadays there are a lot of medical professionals who regard colostrum as a food supplement.”

 - Tadej Malovrh, Professor of Immunology, University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty, Slovenia


“ This is THE definitive  work on the biochemistry and clinical application of mammalian colostrum. Dr Keech thoroughly details the scientific basis for the use of colostrum in a variety of pathological condition in a comprehensive, yet very readable style. Colostrum spray is one of the most valuable tools I have in my healing armamentarium. I highly recommend this stellar work for anyone interested in understanding the miracles possible with colostrum!”

 - Kathleen K. Fry MD, ABOG, CTHHom


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