Ultra Diet 2TM

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Ultra Diet 2TM

    Weight management meal supplement

Key Features:

Integral component of the UD2 diet programme

Provides 40 grams protein per day – up to 66% of daily requirement30

Designed with ingredients to help stablise blood sugar levels, promote satiety in between regular meals and assist in maintaining muscle mass31 32

    Helps to maintain healthy weight as part of a weight management programme that includes dietary changes and exercise.

Active Ingredients :

Comprehensive blend of isolated non GMO soy protein (75%), fibre and vitamins and minerals providing:

9 essential amino acids

11 Vitamins

    12 Minerals


15 g (2 scoops) 4 times daily

    Mix with 250ml of water – shake well to combine


    6110 / 420g can

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30 - Daily requirement while on UD2 Weight Management Programme, minimum of 60g useable protein daily

31 - Astrup A ‘The Satiating Power of Protein – A Key to Obesity Prevention’, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005 July, 82(1):1-2

32 - Natural Standard The Authority on Integrative Medicine ‘Health and Wellness: Ketogenic Diet’, Accessed 17 Feb 2010, http://www.naturalstandard.com/naturalstandard/monographs/monoframeset.asp?monograph=/monographs/alternativemodalities/atkinsdiet.asp